Open channels: March updates

Open Channels in Bitrix24 have been updated.

Facebook, WhatsApp

Starting March 4th, a new Facebook messenger platform policy is applied. In brief, an agent has 24 hours to reply to a client and won't be able to send messages to the client after 24 hours expire. Only clients can send messages outside this 24-hour window.

To comply with the new policy, we've made some changes to WhatsApp and Facebook Messages open channels.

Read more in the article - Facebook Messenger Platform Policy update.

New! Live Typing

Improve your agents' response time and make your customers happy by your immediate response. The agent can see the text a customer is typing which considerably reduces the time required to come up with a reply.

You need to go to the Open Channel Settings section > Auto Actions > enable the Live Typing option.

New! Chat title

You can set a custom chat title for the Live Chat. This title will be visible to your clients. If the chat title isn't specified, clients will see the name of the open channel as the chat title.

You can enable this option when configuring the Live Chat > click the Custom messages button > Chat title.

Auto sending welcome messages

It used to be that the welcome message wasn't sent if a client sent a message during off-hours.

Now, the welcome message will be sent as an auto-response to an initial message anyway.

You can enable this option when configuring the Open Channel Settings: click Auto Actions > enable the Send auto response to initial client message option.

Off-hours enquiry processing

Now the availability of employees is checked according to the open channel settings and work time tracking.

The system checks if there is an employee available and, if not, sends an automatic response to a client.

You can enable this option when configuring the Open Channel Settings: click Worktime > Off-hours enquiry processing - Auto reply text.

Read more in the article - Open channels: Check that an agent is online.

Agent information

You can replace the information about an agent (name, position, photo) with fake data so that a client couldn't see the real data.

Now the agent information is displayed correctly when an inquiry is forwarded to another agent in the queue or to another open channel.

You can configure this option when configuring the Open Channel Settings: click Queue > Agent information > select Use Open Channel entries.

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