Send data from CRM web forms to an employee by email

CRM web forms are one of the most popular and convenient tools for acquiring clients' data. They are used for collecting feedback, accepting orders online, event participants registration, etc. After your client has completed the CRM web form, the information is saved to CRM. It may be important to send this information by email; for example, you need to send it to an external user that doesn't have access to CRM.

In this article, you'll learn how data from a CRM web form can be sent by email. The implementation can be divided into three steps:

  1. Configuring a CRM web form
  2. Connecting a mailbox
  3. Configuring an automation rule

Configuring a CRM web form

You can use any fields in the CRM web form. Client's data can be saved to the contact and information about the sales process - to the deal (e.g., delivery date, product list, documents, etc.).

Add a new CRM web form and configure its fields:

  • First name - field from the "contact" section.
  • Phone - field from the "contact" section.
    Click the cogwheel button next to the "Phone" field to configure additional settings and make the field required if needed.
  • Email - field from the "contact" section.
  • Comment - field from the "deal" section.

More section:

  • Save form data to CRM entities - deal.
  • Don't create a new deal, use existing one instead - disabled.
  • Existing records and duplicates - merge.

With such settings, a new deal is created as soon as the CRM web form has been completed. But contacts are merged, so no duplicates are created.

How to find out on which website the CRM web form has been completed

This option may be useful if the web form is used on several websites. You need to create a "string" type of a custom field for a Deal. This field will be used for specifying the website on which the CRM web form has been completed.

Go the CRM web form settings > click More > Default values. Select the custom field you've created > click Custom tags > select Domain name. The website on which the web form has been completed will be specified in this field.

Enable the created web form.

Add this web form to the website widget.

Connecting a mailbox

Connect your mailbox and configure the SMTP server.

Read more in the article - Use SMTP server to send emails.

Configuring an automation rule

After the CRM web form has been completed, a new deal and contact are created. First name, phone number, email address will be added to a contact form. A comment will be added to a deal form. This data can be used in the email that will be sent to an employee.

Add field values to an email

For example, you need to add the contact name in the text of the email message. Click the grey dot next to the message text window > click Contact > Name.

When the web form is completed, deals are created in the first stage of the first pipeline. So we need to create a new automation rule there. Click Add > For employee > Send email. The automation rule needs to have the following settings:

  • Run: immediately
  • From: select the required email address
  • To: responsible (you can specify yourself if needed)

Write the message text and subject.

How it works

A client completes the web form on your website.

A new deal and contact are created in CRM.

The automation rule sends an email to the employee.

This employee gets the email containing all the data from the completed web form.

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