Migrate data to Bitrix24 CRM

Any company has a database of customers, contacts, invoices and other important information. You can use data Bitrix24.Market apps to migrate to Bitrix24.

Open the Market page, select the Import and export category in the catalog and click Migration to Bitrix24.

Read more information in the article: Migration to Bitrix24 from other CRM systems.

You can select the appropriate application to migrate data to Bitrix24.

You can also import the database using the CSV format.

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If you have run another business and want to transfer your CRM settings to the new account, open the CRM section, select the Solution presets option in the settings menu, export the current settings and transfer them to another Bitrix24 account.

Read more information in the article: Transfer CRM settings.

To transfer the customer data to the new account, use export and then import the file.

Read more information in the article: Export CRM data.

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