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Import companies details

Import the detailed information about companies in a few clicks and save your time!

How it works

For example, let's import the information about two companies.

Open CRM section > click the cogwheel button > Import Companies.

You can also download the import file example to save time creating CSV spreadsheet. Also, tick Import details if you need to import banking details.

Open the downloaded file and fill the empty cells.

Upload file, select column separator and make sure Import details option is activated.

Configure field mapping.

Configure duplicates control.

Done! Companies were successfully imported.

All the entered information appears in the CRM form of the imported company.

Match import file templates

The set of imported details may be different and depends on the selected details template type. Details templates are premade sets of fields, for example, there is a details template for companies and persons.

Read more in the article - Contact or company details templates.

You can select a Default import template if you have, for example, a file with companies details only.

If your file contains both company and person details, you need two different templates. In this case, enable the Match import file templates option.

And specify the name of the required template for each element in the file.

You can also match templates using the template IDs. Just enable the corresponding option. This will speed up the import process.

Specify the template ID for each element.

You can find the template ID in the Settings > Start point > Contact or Company Details Templates section. Just add the ID column to the table.

If templates don't match, you get an error message and the company is not imported.

You can enable the Use default template if no template could be matched to the one in the import file option. In this case, Bitrix24 will try to use the default template specified above.

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