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Delete CRM elements

There are several ways to delete elements in Bitrix24 CRM. For example, let's consider the options for deleting leads.

In Kanban view mode, you can delete elements by using drag & drop.

Or just select several elements and click Delete.

It works the same way in the list view mode - you need to select elements and click Delete.

Also, you can delete an element by opening its form > clicking the cogwheel button > Delete.

When do I need to delete CRM elements?

Deleted CRM elements are not added to CRM analytical reports, so be careful and delete CRM elements only when you are sure about it. For example, delete a CRM element if it's created by accident.
If a lead or a deal contain spam, you can add it to the exceptions list. Calls or emails from these phone numbers or email addresses won't be added to CRM anymore.
Read more in the article - Exceptions list.

If you've lost a deal or a lead for some reason, don't delete it. In this case, you need to move it to the unsuccessful final stage (status) to get a correct report and analyze the failure.

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