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A new approach to the product catalog

We have revised the work with the product catalog. Now it's easier to add new products, build your own catalog structure, etc.

Working with products has become easier

For example, you need to edit quantity in stock and prices for 50 products. Before this update, it was necessary to open each product card and change each parameter for each product. Now you can edit several products and their parameters by simply ticking them and clicking "Edit".

Add and edit products in a few clicks

You can add new products with a brief description, specify product price and all the needed parameters. There is no need to create a complex structure of product sections. Just fill out the simple form and the product will be added to the catalog.

Add product variants

When adding a product to the catalog, you can add several variants of this product. For example, you can add variant properties like color, size, brand, etc.

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