Observers in leads and deals

You can add observers to a lead or a deal. Observers can view the CRM element, send and read messages in the CRM element's chat.

How it works

There is the Observers field in a lead or deal form. Scroll down to the More section > click Add observer to add an observer to this lead/deal.

If there is no Observers field in the lead/deal form, click Select field > Observers.

Select employees that you want to be observers and click Save.

These employees will see this lead or deal in the list and will be able to view it.

Chat in CRM element card

The responsible person or an observer can invite colleagues to a special chat.

All the colleagues invited to this chat automatically become observers. To invite a new user (that will become a new observer) to a chat, click the Invite button.

This chat will appear in the conversations lists of all employees invited to the chat.

If you add an observer when the chat is already created, he will not be added to the chat automatically. To be added to the chat, the observer needs to click on this chat in the CRM element card.

Delete observers

To delete an observer, open a lead/deal > scroll down to the More section > click Change.

Click the Delete button next to the observer you want to delete > click Save.

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