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Import to Bitrix24 CRM

If you are new to Bitrix24 & would like to perform a migration from another CRM, or simply upload your CRM base to the system, here is what Bitrix24 can offer: 

Here is what you CAN import to Bitrix24 CRM:
  • your CRM records to Bitrix24 leads, contacts, companies, deals or products.
  • fields that Bitrix24 CRM leads, contacts, companies or deals forms don't have (see custom fields import below).
  • Excel list of records (you will need to save it as CSV first).
  • vCard, GMail, Outlook, Yahoo!Mail records to Bitrix24 contacts.
Besides that the system will allow you to:
  • take advantage of duplicate control during the import process.
  • specify contact & company connection.

Here is what you CANNOT import to Bitrix24 CRM:
  • CRM records activities (tasks, emails, meetings, etc.)
  • CRM records files (you can upload them to Bitrix24 Drive)
  • sales agents communication on CRM records
Important: Your list of CRM record that you will import to Bitrix24 should be in CSV format. If you have Excel file please save it as CSV first.

Import leads, contacts, companies, deals

You can use export – import process to transfer your data to Bitrix24, which means you need to export data from your old CRM and import it to Bitrix24. 

Please note that you can currently import list of leads, contacts, companies, deals or products. CRM activities can not be imported.  

Here is how to start import in Bitrix24 for leads, contacts, companies, deals: 

  1.  First export the list of CRM items (leads, contacts, companies, deals) that you want to transfer to Bitrix24 – to CSV file;
  2.  Open your Bitrix24. Go to CRM. Use Import option available inside CRM records - Contacts/Leads/Companies/Deals. You can find this option in List View for Contacts or Companies. 
There are several import options available for contacts – if you are not importing your contacts from Gmail , Outlook, Yahoo. etc. use Import Custom CSV option.

3. Open Import form & upload your CSV file.  Please take these tips into accounts:
  • make sure your import file is saved as CSV file
  • lead name is the only mandatory field for leads
  • import Companies before contacts
  • when importing contacts - there is a "company" field in contacts that must correspond to an existing company
  • you can download import sample file from the import widget page
Click Next to proceed. On Fields page select corresponding field name in Bitrix24 CRM. Please note that in case Bitrix24 does not have fields you need to import, you can create your own custom fields in CRM > Settings > Form & Report Settings > Custom fields > Create custom field. Please remember that you need to create these fields before you start the import process. 
On the Duplicate Control page you can set what the system should do with the duplicates found during import process:
  • import all
  • replace existing
  • merge
  • skip
The Import page will show the number of successfully imported records.   

Products Import

You can import products to Bitrix24 catalog at CRM > Product Catalog page, import option can be found under Settings:
Read more in the article - Product import.

Custom fields import

If your import file has any (custom) fields Bitrix24 CRM does not have by default, these new custom fields can be created in Bitrix24 & you will be able to successfully import your data after.

1. To add new custom field to Bitrix24 CRM - go to CRM > More > Setting > Form & Report Settings> Custom fields > add field (e.g. Contacts > add field);

2. Set the new custom field parameters (you can read more about CRM custom fields here);

If you set field type is list – don't forget to add all possible list property values, because if you forgot one, it will be imported with “undefined\no” value corresponding to this field.

For example, your list have the following values – 'red', 'green', 'orange', if you forgot to add 'orange' to the list, the system will import contacts with 'orange' value as list=undefined\0.

3. Please note that you need to add the new field you have just created to the new CRM item (e.g. contact) creation form. For that, please open CRM record form & click on Settings & select Reset Form. 

4. Open your import CSV file & give the custom field same name as your new custom field in Bitrix24 has (this step is not obligatory, but will help you to avoid confusion during the import process):

5. Start the import process;

6. In the second import settings page - 'fileds', choose the corresponding filed name in the proposed Bitrix24 custom fields list:

Duplicate control during import

Currently the duplicates search during import is performed for contacts, companies & leads. Check if this option is available on your plan. You can find all the information about Bitrix24 plans on the pricing page.

Specify contact-company connection when importing

Please import Companies before Contacts. When importing contacts file - please match the corresponding 'company' name field:

In this case, the companies-contacts connection will be established automatically.

Import failed

If you see funky characters, question marks after you have finished import, you need to check the CSV file encoding - the file must be in UTF-8. You can get a sample file if you add a couple of CRM items, e.g. leads, and export them after. The exported leads file can be used as a sample. You can also use special programs to change your file encoding to UTF-8.

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