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Actions with product catalog list

Show all product fields in catalog list

To have all default & custom products fields displayed at the catalog list please click Edit List>List columns and check all fields you want to be displayed in the list, click Apply:

Group actions - how to edit several products at the same time

You don't have to open each product's details page to change products prices, etc. - you can click "Check All" option in the left top corner above the list:

Now go to the bottom of the list and click on the "edit" tab:

Edit the products and hit "save" to finish editing:

Product import

You can import products list CSV format file to Bitrix24. Click settings tab above the list>import:

Please note that if your import file has any custom fields Bitrix24 does not have by default - you will need to create custom fields in CRM>Settings>Product Properties first.
Read more about Product import in the article.

Filter the catalog

You can always filter your products list with the help of filter (if the filter is hidden - please click "show filter" tab):

To add more fields to the filter please click "More filter fields" tab & tick the fileds you want to add:

You can filter by several parameters at the same time, including custom field's values & sections:

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