Example of smart process work

Let's consider an example of smart process for the company that repairs cars and sells parts. It doesn't manufacture them, but buy from factory suppliers. We'll create a procurement register with the help of a smart process to account for contracts with manufacturers. In this way, we will separate the work with our customers and suppliers.

Create and configure a smart process

To create a process, go to CRM > Smart Process Automation > Add.

Select the Empty SPA template to set up the parameters you want.

Specify a name for the smart process and select tools. In our case, we will use Stages and Kanban to account for our contracts with manufacturers.

Then add the fields Customer and Start date/End date for the smart process card to specify the supplier and the contract term. Activate the option Bind to catalog products to specify the products delivered under the contract.

In the Customer field, the supplier contacts will be stored.

Link Deals to the smart process to mark which of them are related to the contract.

Link the process to tasks to specify elements of this smart process in the contract renegotiation task.

Save the settings.

How to work with the smart process

Go to the smart process and set up the stages to work.

Create a field to account for several deals in the contract.

We count deals in the contract for the manager to see the total amount of deals in each contract.

In the More tab, select the Deals and save the new field.

Add a supply contract, in which the responsible employee will account for deals.

When customers make a purchase, the employee will be able to mark these deals in the contract.

To set up the visibility of empty fields, enable the Show always option. Read more in the article Configure fields in CRM elements forms.  

In this way, you can follow the total amount of deals in each contract.

Created fields can be fixed during the smart process card setup. Read more in the article Configure fields in kanban view.

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