Configure fields in CRM elements forms

When adding a new lead/deal/contact, you need to fill in the fields in a CRM element form.

How to configure fields in CRM elements forms

CRM element form consists of sections that consist of fields.

You can change the order of fields or hide fields that you don't use. Just click Change button:

Use the button on the left to change the order of fields. Click the cogwheel button > Hide to hide the selected field.

Use the Select field option at the bottom to show the hidden fields.

"Show always" option

By default, when viewing a CRM element, you see only fields that were filled in. For example, if you have filled in only "Last name" field when adding a new lead, "Name" and "Second name" fields won't be displayed.

But sometimes, you need to leave a field empty and fill it in later. In this case, click the cogwheel button and activate Show always option:

Or activate this option when adding a new field:

This field will be displayed even if it isn't filled in.

All you need to do is to click on this field to fill it in.

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