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Create Smart Process Automation in CRM

Smart Process Automation allows you to set up and automate any working scenario, for example, to manage purchases or client complaints.

To create a new SPA in CRM,

  1. Open the CRM section.
  2. Expand the Smart Process Automation tab.
  3. Select Smart Process Automation.
  4. Click the Create button.
In this section, you can create a CRM related SPA. To see the SPAs you added to your automated solutions, go to Automation > Automated solutions.
Automated solutions
Create an SPA for an Automated solution

Select one of the default use cases:

  • Essentials only
  • All options selected
  • Empty SPA

You can customize each of them according to your scenario.

Let's look at the further process using an example of the Empty SPA use case. You can find four main settings tabs when creating a new SPA:

SPA components

In this tab, select which tools you want to use in your SPA.

Enter name. It will be displayed in the list of SPAs and the linked CRM entity forms.

Create multiple pipelines and move SPA items across them using sales tunnels.
Multiple pipelines
Sales tunnels

Create your own stages and move SPA items through them in the Kanban.
Kanban view in CRM

Automate your SPA items: create tasks, send notifications, or change the person responsible for the item.
Create automation rules and triggers

Automation rules and triggers are available in SPA only if this option is enabled.

Configure your workflow templates to run when the SPA items are created or modified.
"Autorun: when added" option in workflow templates

When a new pipeline is created, all users will have access to it. If the option is disabled, you will need to manage access under the pipeline settings or in the CRM Access Permissions section.
Access Permissions in CRM

SPA form layout

SPA items, like other CRM entities, have a special view form for storing various types of information. See the table below to choose which standard fields to use in the item form.

Field Description
Company details Includes your company name, e-mail, phone, VAT ID, address, and others.
Source Indicates how the client found out about your company.
Customer Binds to contacts and companies from CRM.
Start date / End date The start date shows when the item was created. The end date is set automatically 7 days after the creation date.
Observers Lets select users who can view the item form and create a chat to discuss it.
Click here to learn more about standard fields in CRM.

Enable the needed additional options:

CRM bindings

In this tab, you can configure links between this SPA and other CRM entities.

Bind to this SPA

To bind a certain CRM entity to your SPA, turn on this option and select the entity from the dropdown list.

For example, if you select Deal, a special binding field will appear in the SPA item form. You can use it to find and bind a deal to any SPA item.

Enable this option to show a special tab with a list of SPA items in the linked entity.

In this tab, you can find all the SPA items linked to a deal.

Link this SPA to other CRM entities

To link your SPA to deals or contacts, activate this option and select the entities from the dropdown list.

For example, when linking SPA to contacts, a special binding field appears in the contact view form. You can use it to bind any SPA item to any contact in CRM.

Enable this option to show a special tab with a list of CRM entities in the linked SPA item.

In our example, the Contacts tab appears in the Complaint form.

Bind to other tools

In this tab, you can link your SPA to other CRM entities, calendars, tasks, or task templates.

When you create a task, you can add an SPA item to it.

Once all the settings are done, click Save.

Now you can proceed and configure the item view form, kanban stages, and other parameters.

Configure Smart Process Automation

In brief

  • Create a new SPA under CRM > Smart Process Automation > Smart Process Automation.

  • Select which tools you want to use in your SPA: pipelines, sales tunnels, Kanban, automation rules, and others.

  • Specify which standard fields to add in the item form and activate additional options, such as Recycle bin or counters.

  • Configure links between your SPA and other CRM entities, calendars, tasks, or task templates.

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