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Disconnect Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Yandex Disk from Bitrix24


If you want to disconnect your external drive from Bitrix24, you need to open external drive's settings & remove Bitrix24 Connector. Here is how:

1. Google Drive

Go to & open your account:

At "My account" page go to "Sign-in & security" > "Connected apps & sites":

Google will show you the apps connected to your account, you will see Bitrix24 Connector listed there, click "Manage apps":

Click "Remove" next to the Bitrix24 Connector:

2. Dropbox

Go to & open your account settings:

At your Dropbox settings page click "Security" section:

In the "Apps linked" section find Bitrix24 Connector and remove it:


Go to and open your account settings. In the "Security" section find Bitrix24 Connector & remove it:

4. Yandex Disk

Go to and open your account passport:

At Yandex Passport page click "Access Management":

In "Apps access" section find Bitrix24 Connector (or Bitrix24) and remove it:

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