Transfer entities from CRM to Microsoft Power BI

In the Microsoft Power BI desktop application, open the Transform data tab.

Then right-click on the entity and select the Duplicate option.

Rename the new entity and open the Advanced Editor.

In the editor, type in the desired parameter and click Done.

  • crm_deal – deals
  • crm_lead – leads
  • crm_deal_uf – deal user fields
  • crm_lead_uf – lead user fields
  • crm_deal_stage_history – deal history
  • crm_lead_status_history – lead history
  • telephony_call – calls
  • crm_company – companies
  • crm_contact – contacts
  • socialnetwork_group – project
  • crm_activity – activity

Example: how to transfer deal user fields

You can use the following code:

    raw_t = bx24_load_entity("crm_deal_uf"),


    fixed_t = Table.TransformColumnTypes(raw_t,
            {"DEAL_ID", Int64.Type},//Unique key
            {"DATE_CREATE", type datetime}//Change time
            //{"UF_CRM_5B8D5D8583F53", type text},//Creation time

    renamed_t = Table.RenameColumns(
            {"DEAL_ID", "Deal Identifier"}


Duplicate the entity and add the code to the Advanced Editor window.

The data can be used to build a report.

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