Automation rules: Change responsible person

There are two options in the automation rules that allow you to customize the order in which you assign people in charge:

Select new responsible person option:

  • In random order - the automation rule selects a random employee from the queue.
  • First available - the specified employee or the first one on the list will be assigned.
  • In specified order - each time the automation rule will assign the next person in the queue to be responsible.
If a schedule of absences is available on your plan, pay attention to the Skip absent persons option.

Skip absent persons option is linked to the Absence Chart. If it's not available on your plan, the absence will not be taken into account.

  • Yes - The automation rule will not assign leads and deals to the employees whose absence in the schedule is indicated. The automation rule will select the next or random employee from the queue, depending on the value in the Select new responsible person option.

  • No - absence in the schedule will not affect the designation of the employee in charge.
The employee's working hours do not affect the employee selection.
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