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Automation rules for employees

Automation rules perform actions inside the CRM. They can create or change documents, notify employees, schedule events, and so on.

In this article, automation rules are grouped by the principle of action or the element they interact with. To quickly find the desired automation rule, use the search (Ctrl/Cmd + F).

Add to exceptions/Delete document/Delete smart process item

The automation rule removes the element in which it was triggered, such as a deal or a lead. The Add to exceptions automation rule also adds contacts that are linked to the element to the exceptions list.

Add/Delete items

The automation rule adds one product or remove all of them from the item form. You can select a product to add in the search bar.

Task/End task

The automation rule creates a task with the set parameters or complete all tasks created in the selected stage.


The automation rule shows the notification to the selected employee. The difference is that in the Notification automation rule, you can select the sender and the recipient, while in the Control automation rule, you can select only the recipient. By default, it is the head of the responsible person in the company structure.

Add comment/Write to log

The automation rule adds the record to the timeline or item history.

Schedule a meeting/a call

The automation rule adds the event to the item form.

Edit variable/Math operations

The automation rule changes a variable or performs mathematical operations. Read more in the articles: Variables and constants in automation rules and New automation rules: Edit variable and Math operations.

Change document/contact/company

The automation rule changes the value of the selected field in the element form.

Details information/Employee information

The automation rule allows you to substitute information about the selected item in a comment, a CRM element or a task.

For example, after you create the Employee information automation rule, you will be able to select data about the employee and put them in the comment.

The automation rule that will use the data must run after the automation rule that will query the data.

Change pipeline/Change responsible person/Change stage/Change observers

The automation rule changes the list of employees involved in the deal or the stage/pipeline of the element.

Book a resource/Cancel booking

The automation rule books the selected resource in the element form or cancel the booking.


The automation rule schedules a task in the element form.

Edit element/Edit list item/Edit SPA item

The automation rule changes the value of the fields of an element, list item or a smart process.

Send SMS/email to an employee

The automation rule sends an SMS/email to an employee.

Create CRM Document/Create list item/Create SPA

The automation rule creates a document in a CRM element or an element in a selected list/smart process.

Create using source/contact for lead/payment link

The automation rule creates an element or payment link that can be sent to the customer.

Read task fields/list item/SPA item

The automation rule allows you to get the value of task/list/smart process fields and use them in other automation rules.

Run workflow

The automation rule starts the selected workflow.

Copy deal/Copy/Transfer products

The automation rule copies/transfers items from the element in which it is triggered to the element whose ID you specify in the automation rule settings. For example, products from one deal to another.

Generate code

The automation rule generates a code according to the selected parameters, which can be sent to the customer or stored in the element form. For example, it can be a code of a discount or club card.

Add message to Feed

The automation rule sends the specified text to the Feed.

Make payment

The automation rule changes the status of the order whose ID you specified as Paid.

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