Document opened trigger

Document opened trigger will help you to automate work with invoices and quotes. It is triggered when the client opens a public link to the document.

Here's a typical scenario: a manager should send an invoice or a quote to a client. With the trigger help, the manager can call the client when he or she opens the document.

How you can use the trigger

The easiest way is to make a stage in the kanban between sending the invoice stage and the stage where the decision has already been made.

At this stage, create the Document opened trigger and the Notification automation rule, which will notify the responsible employee that the client has opened the document.

This simple automation will increase sales efficiency and show customers that they are important to you.

Where to get a public link to the document

The first way: you can get the public link when creating a document. Enable the public link creation option in the slider and copy the address. Then you can send it to the client by email or SMS.

The second way: with the help of Create CRM document automation rule. Enable the Create public link option and use the public link to the document in the Send email/SMS automation rule.

Read more in the article Automation rule: Create CRM document.

In the automation rule, substitute the value of the Public link to the document field, write a text, and send the email to the client. As soon as he/she clicks the link in the email, the trigger will work.

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