The logic of call processing in CRM

We have presented a new way of call processing. Now after the end of a conversation with a client, CRM system will create an activity on an incoming call. The deal with a missed call will have the Missed status. This is done so that the manager can easily find the exact deal.

Inbound calls

For example, a manager talked to the client and promised to send an offer. When the manager opens the deals, he/she will see a lot of deals in the kanban.

The manager needs to select Inbound in the counter panel to find the deal. There will be the deal with the incoming call activity among the selected deals.

In the incoming call activity, the manager can listen to a recording of the call, leave a note for the activity, such as the result of the call or information for the employee who will work with the client next, as well as to plan a new activity.

If you sent the documents to the client immediately and completed the activity, the incoming activity will be closed and saved in the timeline form, the color will be changed to white.

Missed calls

The deal with a missed call will be in the Inbound counter and the deal will have a Missed status. This way, you can easily distinguish a missed call deal from an inbound call deal. You can also prioritize deals and contact the customer whose call you have missed.

The activity of a missed call will appear in the timeline.

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