Create a product catalog

Any online store needs to have a list of products that this store sells. In Bitrix24 it's called product catalog.

Let's add products to the catalog. As an example, our online shop is selling chocolate.


First, we need to add product sections.

You can publish different product sections on different pages. For example, you can publish products with a special offer on a separate page.

Click Sites and stores > Inventory > Product catalog > Create > Add section and fill out the form.

For each section, you can create sub-sections. For our online store, we will create Chocolate section and Dark chocolate and Milk chocolate sub-sections.

Product properties

Any product needs to have certain properties. By default, there are lots of properties available in Bitrix24 Online Store.

As we are selling chocolate, we will add Cocoa percentage property. Click Sites and stores > Settings > Commercial catalog > Product properties.

Then click Add property and fill out the form.

How to add products

Now we can start adding products to our catalog. Click Sites and stores > Inventory > Product catalog > Create and select Product in the list.

Fill in the necessary fields. Earlier we added the Cocoa percentage property, so we will fill in the corresponding field.

Also, link the product to a section and specify its Retail price.

Activate Special offer, Bestseller or New options, and the selected product will be marked with a corresponding label.

Then click Save, and the new product will be added to the list.

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