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New Options For Bitrix24 Open Channel

We have recently updated Bitrix24 Open Channels. Clients relying on our solution for live chat and social media management now have even more tools at their disposal.

1. Distribute chat sessions to everybody

If you receive a large volume of incoming inquiries and employ multiple live chat agents, you can now distribute new messages simultaneously to everybody, much like it works with Bitrix24 telephony. This means than every Bitrix24 agent who’s online will receive notification about new chat session, but only the first one to respond will carry on with the conversation. This distribution method is specially designed for companies who put emphasis on speed of reaction. You need to have Bitrix24 Plus plan or above to take advantage of this feature (read more about Open Channels Settings).

2. Client Ratings

Clients are now able to rate conversations (chat sessions) by either upvoting or downvoting (read more about Open Channels Settings). This feedback mechanism allows companies to quickly identify agents who provide poor service and fix the problem before it gets big. You need to have Bitrix24 Plus plan or above to take advantage of this feature.

3. Supervisor Ratings

This option is very similar to the previous one, but the feedback is provided by the supervisor and is based on a five-star system. Because in Bitrix24 supervisors have access to all chat sessions, they are able to rate conversations by other agents for accuracy, speed and helpfulness (read more about Open Channels Statistics). You need to have Bitrix24 Standard plan or above to take advantage of this feature. 

4. Open Channel Access Permissions

You are now able to set custom access rights for Bitrix24 Open Channels much like you do in CRM. The access permission system is role-based and lets you decide who can access Open Channels in general, specific conversations, change settings, access history, rate conversations or view statistics (read more about Open Channels Access Permissions). You need to have Bitrix24 Standard plan or above to take advantage of this feature. 

5.Mark As Spam

Unsolicited or undesired Open Channel conversations can be now marked as spam. This can be done both before and after you have started the conversation. This option is available for all Bitrix24 plans, including the Free one.

6. Multiple Independent Conversations With The Same Client

When your communicate with the same client whose enquiries are related to different subjects, you can now create a new conversation with the same customer & close the current one. It may be quite handy if you take control of open channels ratings and analyze your sales team productivity results. The option is available inside Open Channel dialog.

7. Send chat history to client's email address

After the conversation has been finished, 5 seconds later, the client will see an automated message suggesting to send a chat history to the email. The client will have 2 options to choose from - send it or not. Please note that in case the chat has rating request, then the email history form will appear 30 seconds later. In case the client rates the conversation faster, the Send chat history to email request will appear in 5 seconds after the chat has been rated. 

8. Language Preferences

Select language for customer email notifications. This language will be used in the email message sent when a customer receives a conversation log requested or a new message notification. 

9. Take conversation 

Now you can intercept open channels conversation of another account user. You can do that either by direct url or from Open Channels > Statistics details

Click on Start Conversation. A chat dialog between client & another account user will be shown, click on options menu in the chat right top corner & select Take Conversation:

You'll the message that the conversation has been taken by you from initial responsible user:

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