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This article is about the old version of invoices. Read more in the article: New and old versions of invoices in CRM.

In Bitrix24 CRM you can print, download as pdf or email to clients quotes & invoices. If you need to customize the quote or CRM form, or configure Paypal,  you can do it with the help of Payment Systems settings.

Here is how:

  • Go to CRM > More > Settings > Payment Options > Payment Systems to configure how your quotes & invoices forms will look like.
  • At Payment & Invoices page you will find a set of default templates: bank transfer (invoice) for contacts, bank transfer (invoice) for companies, quotes for contacts, quotes for companies & Paypal. You can either edit an existing one or create a new template from scratch. 

If you create a new template, make sure you have selected the correct handler (different handlers are available for supported languages). Choose the client type below.

  • Click on Show All Fields option to open all fields available for configuration.
  • You have reached one of the most important steps, that will influence the final print or pdf form look. Open Seller section and match the fields. These fields will show information about your company as a seller. You should choose those fields that you would like to see on the quote\invoice form. You can also add company logo, signature & stamp here too.
  •  Go to Private person section to configure Buyer fields that will be shown on quote\invoice. That will be your client' details. 
  • General section allows to add invoice title, account type and add comments.
  • The Styles section allows to configure margins & add background image. 
  • The Columns section allows configuring columns & select product properties to add them to the quote or invoice. Important: to add new product properties please go to CRM > More > Settings > Start Point > Product Properties.

That's it! You have your quote\invoice print\pdf form configured. 

Please remember to select both Buyer & Seller in the quote or invoice form, if you'd like their details to be added to the print or pdf form:

Here is an example of how configured Invoice may look like:

Tax Rate column is displayed in the invoice print form only if VAT is used (not sales tax). Read more about taxes in CRM in the article - Taxes in CRM.
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