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Discontinuing Bitrix24 Services


If you are using your Bitrix24 account with the Free plan, you can simply stop using your Bitrix24 (i.e. none of your account users should log in) and the account will be automatically deleted after 30 days of inactivity. Before the account is suspended and deleted, several warning messages will be sent to the account owner email address.

If you are using your Bitrix24 account with a commercial subscription, you’ll need to disable the automatic subscription renewal option first. Learn more how to disable the automatic subscription renewal option. Once this option is disabled, and your commercial subscription comes to an end, your Bitrix24 cloud account will be rolled back to the Free plan. After 30 days of idleness, your account will be suspended and scheduled for deletion (please see above). 

Please note that once your Bitrix24 account is deleted, no data can be restored (all CRM entries, Tasks, Activity Stream posts, user account information, uploaded documents, Instant Messenger correspondence, etc. that have been stored in your Bitrix24 cloud account will be physically removed from our servers). However, your Bitrix24 Network ID (your login & Bitrix24 Network profile page) will remain valid so that you can come back in future and create new Bitrix24 accounts. You can request that your Bitrix24 Network ID (Network profile page) is deleted, as well – to do so, please send us a message to


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