Types of Campaigns

After group of clients is selected & new segment is created, we need to choose suitable communication channel.

For this, CRM Marketing offers a complete set of tools to interact with clients.

Check if this option is available on your plan. You can find all the information about Bitrix24 plans on the pricing page.

Email Campaign

E-mail is easily one of the most widespread communication format with clients. You can use one of the standard CRM Marketing templates for e-mail campaigns. Also, you can edit it or create your own template at the My Templates tab:


Advertisement is a useful tool when it comes to creation and promotion of personal offers on all the main platforms, such as Google AdWords and Facebook.

 Please remember to configure your ad campaign and target audiences at the side of the abovementioned services.

Voice Broadcasting

Bitrix24 allows to make automatic calls to clients - system automatically transforms entered text into a voice and calls to the required phone number. For example, you can use this robocall to inform about product re-stocking or as reminder about an office appointment.

Telephony service should be configured prior to making calls - rent a phone number or connect PBX via SIP-connector. Please note, that only five calls can be made simultaneously. The rest of the calls will be made after current calls are concluded.


Social networks are another way to reach your target audience. If you have Open Channels connected - you can use CRM Marketing campaigns in all types of messengers - Viber, Telegram, Facebook, Instagram and etc. 

It works as follows: text of the message will be sent to client in a chat. If client responds - you will receive notification about a new message in the Open Channel.

SMS Campaigns

One more way to contact you client - is to send SMS-message. Compose a brief message with information about discounts and promotions, select a required segment - and the system will automatically send out SMS.

 For each SMS campaign, you will have to configure integration with messaging service first. Please note that the number of messages you can send daily depends on your SMS provider. You can check your current limit here CRM Marketing - Settings -SMS.

Each type of Bitrix24 CRM Marketing campaign can be test-launched to a required phone number or an address. This allows to see and hear the message that will be received by your clients. 

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