Create new marketing campaign template

You can create a new template at Marketing > My Templates > Create Template:

Here you can select one of the available templates for editing. If you need an empty sample template, you can simply delete template content & customize it further as you need. Use Block & Design sections to customize your template. Just drag & drop blocks to the template to add them:

Save your custom template. Now you will be able to find it below standard Bitrix24 templates. For example, go to Start > Email Campaign:

Scroll down to My templates to find them:

Click on the template to open it. Select recipient segment & edit the template if needed & click Save:

Your campaign is ready to go! Launch your campaign or schedule it for later:

Go to Marketing > Campaigns to find main campaign tools:

  • Actions (Send Now tab);
  • Status (whether a campaign is ready to be sent or has already been sent);
  • Statistics (click on individual campaign statistics option to open details).


Click Campaigns > select a campaign > click Statistics to view the email campaign statistics: how many emails have been sent, viewed, etc.

Email campaign efficiency equals "clicks" divided by "views" and multiplied by 100%.

For example, an email was viewed by 100 people, but only 10 of them clicked the link in this email. In this case, email campaign efficiency equals 10%.

Also, you can view the Click map. It shows how many times each link in the email was clicked.

For example, on the screenshot above you can see that 50% of clicks were made on the "Instagram" button, 25% on the "Learn more" and "Facebook" buttons.

The Click map helps you figure out the marketing campaign conversion and efficiency.

Due to the high channel load Marketing, CRM and regular emails may be sent with 30-40 minutes delay.
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