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Configure required fields for each stage

Sometimes it's impossible to fill in all fields in deal/lead forms at once because you just don't have the required information yet.

Make particular fields Required starting with particular stages and fill in fields as you get the needed information.

This feature is available to Start+, CRM+, Standard and Professional plans subscribers only.

How it works

For example, let's create Rejection reason field and make it Required for Deal lost stage.

Open a deal form > click Add field > Text.

Enter Field name and activate Required starting with stage option.

By default, a Required field is mandatory for all stages.

Select Deal lost stage only.

Done! Let's create a new deal.

Then try to change the deal status to Deal lost. Bitrix24 will ask you to enter the rejection reason.

How did it use to work? When you made a field Required, this field was mandatory for all stages.

After Bitrix24: Sydney update is released, by default, Required fields will be mandatory for intermediate and successful final stages.

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