Bitrix24 Telephony Access Permissions

Check if this tool is available on your plan. You can find all the information about Bitrix24 plans on the pricing page.

You can specify:

  • employees who can make outbound calls
  • outbound calls directions available to employees (for example, employees will be able to call to CRM clients only)
  • who can listen to call recordings
  • who can rent numbers or configure telephony settings, etc.

An administrator can configure Telephony Access Permissions by adding roles in Telephony section > Connection > Access permissions.


Access permissions are based on roles.

By default, there are four roles available: Administrator, Chief executive, Head of department and Manager. "Administrator" role provides maximum access level, "Manager" role - minimum. Each role can be connected with individual users, particular department and its employees, account administrators, etc.

Access can be granted for the following sections of Telephony:

  • Call statistics
  • Call recording
  • User settings

You can set access permissions for these sections as – any, personal, personal and department or set access as denied.

For example, if you set “manager” role with access to call recording as “personal and department” – it means that all managers of a department will have access to their own call recordings and the same department's managers call recordings.

  • Outbound call

    Configure outbound calls directions available to employees – any, only CRM clients, CRM clients & company employees or set access as denied. You can also specify which CRM clients can be accessed in the CRM access permissions section.

  • Telephony settings
  • Manage numbers

These two options have two types of access: “any” or “access denied”.

By default, administrators have "Administrator" role and other users have "Manager" role. But you can set your own access permissions for different user categories by clicking Add access permission.

Add roles

You can add new roles by clicking Add button.

Enter the name of the role and specify access permissions that this role will give to users.

Also, you can edit existing roles, access permissions settings are the same as when creating a new role.

Telephony access permissions features:
  • If a user has several roles (for example, "Head of department" role as a head of a department and "administrator" as an account administrator), the system compares access permissions of these roles and the user will get the highest access permission level specified in these roles settings (in our case, will get "any" access permission to call statistics section, not "personal and department").
  • Access to call recordings takes into account access permissions to Telephony - Recorded Calls folder on Company drive.
  • For administrators and developers: when using Bitrix24 Telephony REST API, access permissions given in this section are also important. That is, an external application will work for some users, but will not work for others.
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