Unconditional call forwarding

You can configure a rented number or a SIP PBX connection so that incoming calls will be forwarded to the specified mobile phone number (unconditional forwarding).

Click CRM > Add-ons > Telephony > Connection > Configure numbers > select a rented number or PBX connection > Inbound call routing > select a queue group or create a new one > Queue group settings and configure the group settings:

  • In the Call details section, forwarded calls will be displayed without Employee:
  • Forwarded calls will not be added to CRM (as there is no employee to specify as a responsible person for a lead/deal).

In any case, incoming calls pass through Bitrix24 before being forwarded to the specified phone number.

Incoming calls will be forwarded to the specified mobile phone number only if the user is Offline. Read more in this article - User statuses in chats.

Unconditional forwarding does not support call distriburion. You should use evenly or exactly as enqueued options as call forwarding won't be available when using To everybody distribution option.

Also, the number working hours settings are taking into account when using unconditional forwarding.

Read more about call forwarding configuration in the article - Configure call forwarding.
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