Knowledge base

Knowledge base is a store of important information for employees such as regulations, work schedules, report forms etc. You can use it to collect, organise and share the data that simplifies the training of employees.

Creating a knowledge base in Bitrix24 is as easy as creating a Bitrix24 Site. All you need to do is to select a knowledge base template and edit its blocks, add videos and images. Pages and categories can be created on the main menu page.

Go to Company > Knowledge base section to find the list of the existing knowledge bases or create a new one.

The number of company knowledge bases you can create depends on your Bitrix24 plan.

There are two types of knowledge bases you can create: company knowledge base or workgroup (project) knowledge base.

You can create only one knowledge base for each workgroup or project. The number of workgroups/projects you can create is unlimited regardless of your Bitrix24 plan.

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