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Update products by importing CSV file

This option is available only if you're using the old product details form. If you have problems with using the new catalog, you can always switch to the old one. Go to the Online Store section > Settings > Online Store Parameters.

Go to the Product catalog tab > disable the Enable new product details form.

Sometimes you need to update dozens or even hundreds of products in Bitrix24. For example, you want to start a big sale and need to update prices on many products. It'll take a lot of time to do that manually. You can resolve this problem by importing an already updated CSV file.

If you want to add only new products, please refer to the article - Product import.

Go to CRM > Products > select the needed section, for example, Clothing > T-Shirts.

Click the cogwheel button > Export products to CSV.

Make changes in the downloaded file and save it.

Before importing the downloaded file, please note:
  • Duplicates are searched by the External ID field. If a product already exists, it will be updated using imported data. Otherwise, a new product will be created.
  • You cannot cancel the import results.

Import the downloaded file. Click the cogwheel button > Product import.

Select the CSV file and click Next.

Check the filed mapping and click Next.

Done! Products are successfully imported and updated.

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