Add products to the catalog

In Bitrix24, you can add new products to the catalog in an easy manner.

In Bitrix24 you can create products and services. Everything you offer is added in Product catalog. Read more information in the article – Commercial catalog organization.
Important! The old product details form is not supported in Bitrix24 anymore.

Sets and bundles are not supported when using the new product details form. If you use the old product details form to create them, we don't recommend to enable the new one.

After switching to the new product details form you won't be able to enable the old one anymore.

How to add a new product

Go to the CRM section > Inventory > Product catalog > click the Create button.

Complete the General parameters section fields.

Upload a picture, specify Retail price, Barcode and Unit of measurement.

Use the Product visibility option to show or hide the product on the online store's pages.

Read more about it in the article – Hide certain products from the public part of the Online store.

In the Properties section, you can add additional details about the product. For example, you can select a section that the product will be added to. Note that you can add a product to several sections at the same time.

To create a new section, go to CRM > Inventory > Product catalog > click the small arrow button and select Add section.

How to add product properties

You can add any custom field to the Properties section by clicking the Create field button and selecting the type of the field.

Enter the field name and click Save.

Click Save to save all changes.

The product is successfully added to your catalog.

How to add sections in the product form

While working with a product, you can add new sections with information about the product. To create a new block with product features, click Create section.

Specify a name for the new section and add fields using Select field and Create field buttons.

You can move the sections inside the form by dragging them to the desired area.

Click Profile view to enable custom profile view, reset the previous settings or set a standard profile view for all employees.

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