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Actions: Interactive Settings

Absence Chart

The action adds an event to the absence chart.

Action parameters

The action parameters are the same as when an event is added to the absence chart manually.

Add message to Activity Stream

The action sends a new message to the Activity Stream.

Action parameters

Sender - select a user that will be displayed as a sender of the message.

If you specify several users in this field, the first user in the list will be displayed as a sender.

Recipients - specify users, groups of users, or departments that will receive the message to the Activity Stream.

Message title - specify the message title.

Message text - specify the message text. You can use BBCode tags.

Target site - select a site to which Activity Stream the message will be sent.

Calendar event

The action adds an event to a calendar.
Read more about working with calendars in the article - Add a new event to a calendar.

Email message

The action sends an event notification to the email indicated in the action settings.

Action parameters

Message Type - indicates how the message will be sent: as a text or using HTML.

Encoding - sets the encoding of the message to be sent.

Message send mode - sets the way of sending the message:

  • Direct sending - the message will be sent immediately;
  • Send using Mail Subsystem - the message will be sent using the embedded mail system. The sending can be postponed.

Message template website - indicates the message template site in order to send the message through the embedded mail system. Different sites can have different templates of mail messages.

If the message is sent through the message system and does not go through, the selected message template should be checked first.

Attachments - you can attach files to a message, or select a drive file (Bitrix24 Drive).

Email address separator - select a symbol that will be used for separating email addresses if you're going to send messages to several emails.

Internal Message (old version)

The action sends a social network message to a user. If he/she is not online, the user will get a notification via email.


The action performs pre-recorded or text-based robocall to a specified number.
You need to configure telephony to use this action.

Set State Name

This action changes the text of the document status. It makes it easier to monitor the document state in the general list of business processes.

The current status can be viewed in the detailed view of the document for which a business process is launched.


The action creates a task.
The action parameters are the same as when you create a task manually. Read more in the article - Create a task.

User notification

The action sends notifications to a user. If the user is not authorized on the site, the message will be additionally sent by email.

Action parameters

Notification text - specify the text of the notification.

You can use BBCode tags.

Notification text for email/jabber - set the message text for email notification to be sent if the user is not authorized on the site. If you leave this field empty, the "Notification text" will be used.

Notification type - you can select if the notification will be displayed as a notification from the other user, or it'll be displayed as a system notification.

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