Calls to extension numbers

You can configure extension numbers for your employees. Your clients will be able to call a specific employee by dialing the employee's extension. In the CRM element form, you can also fill in the field with the client's phone number with the extension number and call the client directly.

Employee's extension number

You can specify the employee's extension number in the employee's profile.

You can also go to the Telephony section > Configure telephony > Telephony users > select a user > click the hamburger button > Configure > specify the extension number.

An extension number cannot contain more than four digits (XXXX).

Group extension number

You can specify a number for this group of telephony users. This number can be used to forward an incoming call after the greeting tune and in IVR using the extension number or for a call within Bitrix24.

When calling a group within Bitrix24, this call will be routed to the operator, according to the queue.

Extension number processing

Don't forget to enable the Extension number processing option in the Inbound call routing section of the number settings.

After listening to the welcome music, the client can dial the extension number he/she knows.

Read more in the article - Extension numbers for employees.

Client's extension number

You can save the phone the client's phone number in the CRM element form along with an extension number. To do that, enter the ; or # symbols after the client's phone number > specify the extension number.

An outgoing call to such a number is also supported by the Bitrix24 Telephony.

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