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Inventory Management settings

You can access the Inventory Management Settings page in two ways:

  1. CRM – Inventory - Inventory Management – Settings – Common parameters.

  2. Sites and stores – Settings – Advanced settings – Inventory Management and goods.

You can enable or disable Inventory management on this page.

How to enable Inventory Management

Configure reservation and product catalog options.

Reservation option

The product reservation mode will help you adjust Inventory Management to the business processes in your company.

  • Reserve items in - only one option is available in this field. Deal is selected by default.
  • Reservation mode - there are three options in this field: manual, when adding product to deal, upon payment:

Manual. In this mode, the user reserves a product, specifies the amount and term of the reserve. If the client decides to change the amount of goods, the manager will have to display these changes manually both in the deal and in the reservation form.

When adding product to deal. In this mode, the product is reserved as soon as the manager adds it to the deal form. If the amount of goods in the form is changed, then the reserved amount will also change.

Upon payment. In this mode, the product is reserved at the time of payment.

  • Reserve for, days - the number of days for which the product is reserved.

    Reserve a product

  • Auto sale unshipped items when completing deal. You will not be able to change the settings. If a manager closes the deal with unshipped goods as successful, the system automatically creates and processes a sales document. If there are not enough goods in stock, the system will display a notification. The manager will be able to specify the warehouse where the goods are available and re-complete the deal. This option is always enabled and works by default.


You can select the costing method in this section.

Product catalog options

  • Enable subscription for out-of-stock products - if this option is enabled, the customer will be able to sign up for an item that is out of stock. As soon as the product appears, the customer will receive a notification.

  • Set "Tax Included" option for new products and SKU's - if the option is enabled, TAX will be included in the price of new products and offers.

    How to enable Inventory Management

  • Make out-of-stock items available for purchase (also enables negative product quantity) - this option allow you to add items to deals, even if they are not in stock, as well as to perform transfers and write-offs.

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