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CRM Activities

Do you want to know what activities your colleagues have planned for the week? You can find this information in the Activities section. You can also make different reports: load by connectors, total load by calls and messages and others.

You can plan new activities up to the specified limits: 50,000 for all plans and 100,000 for the Enterprise plan. If the limit is exceeded, the counters will be blocked. To keep using this tool, complete or delete any unnecessary activities.

Go to the CRM page, click More and select Activities.

You can create an activity on this page or in the entity form. Click the Create button and select the activity type.

There is a search bar at the top of the page. Select the activity type and the time period to find the activity.

Read more information in the article: Search for CRM items using a filter.

If you have access permissions, you can also view the activities of other employees. To do this, select the user in the Responsible filter field.

Read more information in the article: Access Permissions in CRM.

The list contains basic information about the activity: name, deadline, client's name, responsible person, and current status.

Read more information in the article: List view in CRM.

To see the activity details, click on the activity name.

If necessary, you can switch to the Reports mode. We have prepared the list of ready-made reports with detailed information about activities.

Actions with activities

Using the context menu, you can perform basic operations: view activity, edit, mark as not completed and delete it.

If you need to edit several activities, check their boxes and select the desired action.

What to do after reaching the limit of 50,000 or 100,000 planned activities

To keep using activities in CRM, you should complete or delete any unnecessary activities. You can mark an activity as completed using the corresponding option in the activity context menu. To delete old activities, use the CRM Cleanup tool. Go to the Settings > CRM Settings > Other > Drive Usage.

Read more in the article - CRM Cleanup.

First, specify the period for which you would like to delete the activities.

Click Delete activities in the context menu. Once they are removed, you can continue working with this tool in CRM.

Activity types

Automatic activity

Create any activity in the entity form.

Read more information in the article: Automatic activity.


Make an appointment with the customer and save it in the CRM. The meeting will be displayed in the calendar grid.


Both inbound and outbound calls are displayed. The outbound call can be scheduled and you can get a reminder in advance.

Read more information in the article: New logic of call processing in CRM.


Create a task directly from the Activities section. Its title will begin with "CRM:".

Read more information in the article: Create a task.


The list of activities shows both inbound and outbound emails.

Read more information in the article: How to send emails from CRM.

Call list

Create a client list and schedule a call.

Read more information in the article: Automatic dialer .

SMS message

Outbound SMS messages will be displayed in the list.


Messages belong to the Accept payment function.

Read more information in the article: Accept payment in the deal form.


To view the details as well as open the chat, click on the activity.

Read more information in the article: Connect Bitrix24 Live Chat.

CRM form

The list displays the completed CRM form. Click on the name of the form and a slider with details will be displayed.

Feed message, Feed message comment (outbound) and Feed message comment (inbound)

Here you can see the messages and comments from the CRM Feed.


The workflow activity.

Read more information in the article: Working with workflows.

App activity

An activity that was assigned from the Market app.

Read more information in the article: Bitrix24.Market overview.


Audio recordings of meetings with the clients.

Read more information in the article: Visit option in CRM .
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