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Configure workflows in Feed

In Bitrix24, you can run workflows directly in Feed, such as requesting leave or submitting an expense report. You can also edit existing workflows or create new ones.

Go to Automation > Workflows > Workflows in Feed. By default, you'll find five workflows:

  • Leave Approval
  • Business Trip
  • General Requests
  • Purchase Request
  • Expense Report

How to create a workflow

1. Create a workflow form. Click Create new and add the workflow data.

  • Settings: Add basic information and specify the sorting order. Enable auto-locking to restrict access if multiple employees try to edit simultaneously.

  • Titles: Rename elements and sections. For example, change Add element to Add leave request for the Leave Approval workflow.

  • Access: Set permissions for employees who will work with the workflow elements and sections.

Workflow preferences

2. Add workflow fields. Each workflow has fields that employees complete before starting it. Open a workflow form and go to Settings (⚙️) > Customize workflow fields. Click Add field and complete the settings.

  • Select the field type and specify its settings. For example, the Money type requires an amount and currency.

  • Enable and so that employees complete the field to start the workflow.

  • Check the options (new item and item edit forms) to prevent employees from editing the field.

  • Enable if needed.

Add a new workflow field

3. Configure workflow operation. Open the workflow form and click Settings (⚙️) > Configure workflows. Add a status-driven or sequential business process.

How to edit a workflow

Open the workflow form and click Settings (⚙️). Select an action:

  • Configure workflow preferences: Edit workflow parameters.

  • Configure fields: Update the fields employees complete before starting the workflow.

  • Configure workflows: Change the business process template.

Check the box so that employees can start the workflow in Feed.
How to start a workflow

To delete a workflow,

  1. Open the workflow form.
  2. Click Settings (⚙️) > Configure workflow.
  3. Click Settings (⚙️) > Delete workflow.

In brief

  • In Bitrix24, you can run workflows directly in Feed, such as requesting leave or submitting an expense report.

  • Find all workflows under Automation > Workflows > Workflows in Feed.

  • To create a workflow, set up a form, fill in the fields, and configure the workflow.

  • You can also edit or delete workflows as needed.

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