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Queue groups


In Telephony > Connection > Configure telephony > Queue groups section, you can view all queue groups of employees that will answer the inbound phone calls.

You can create a new queue group by clicking Add queue group.

Configure group settings:

Select Bitrix24 users who will answer calls. Use Add button to add new users to the queue.

Specify the call distribution method:

  • Evenly - the order of employees is of no importance; calls will be distributed so that each employee gets an approximately equal number of calls.
  • Exactly as enqueued - the order of employees matters; an inbound call will walk the queue until an employee answers it. Notice that an infinite queue is unavailable in this mode.
  • To everybody - calls will be queued to all employees available. Notice that this mode enables an endless queue.
"To everybody" option is available to commercial plans subscribers only.
If you use SIP phones and "To everybody" type of call distribution, incoming calls cannot be transferred to more than 10 phones (devices). This is Voximplant's limitation.

If you select evenly or exactly as enqueued type of distribution, you can specify the number of rings before forwarding a call to the next user in the queue.

One ring lasts 5 seconds.

Missed Calls Processing

Select the next step if none of the selected Bitrix24 users answered the call.

  • Enable voice mail.
  • Forward call to employee or to specified number
  • Ask your client to hold on and wait for available operator.

    You can select hold music in Number preferences section. As soon as an employee in the queue is free, the call is sent to this employee.

    If you select this option when To everybody call distribution is active, unanswered calls will be automatically ended and added to missed calls list.
  • Forward to another queue group.
    If this option is chosen, the call is forwarded to another group after the time specified in the number of rings before forwarding a call to the next user in queue section. If all the employees in the main queue group are offline, the call is forwarded to another group immediately. This option is available to commercial plans subscribers only.
  • You can also end call.

Also, you can allow call interception in this queue group. You can configure the intercept dial code in Telephony Settings section.

These groups are also used when configuring IVR.

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