Bitrix24.Drive synchronization

You can synchronize Bitrix24.Drive with your computer and work with your files anytime you need to. When you edit files on your computer, all the changes are automatically applied to files stored on your Bitrix24.Drive.

How to enable synchronization

You need to have the latest version of the Bitrix24 Desktop app installed. You can download or update the Bitrix24 app for Windows, macOS and Linux here.

Click the "cloud" button in the Bitrix24 desktop app menu. A popup window will appear where you should click Connect to proceed.

Specify the Folder where you want your files to be saved.

Select which Action is performed when you click on a file - Open containing folder on click or Open file on click.

Also, you can enable the Elastic drive option in this section.

In the Synchronization settings tab, you can specify folders that will be synchronized with your drive. The Uploaded files folder is not synced as it contains files uploaded from your computer.

By default, My Drive is synchronized with the Bitrix24 folder on your computer. If you need Company Drive files or/and folders to be synchronized as well, you will need to connect them to My Drive first: open Company Drive, choose file/folder and click the Connect to Drive option.

Elastic drive

Elastic drive is a special way of synchronization. When this option is enabled, files are not downloaded on your hard drive. On your hard drive, you can view just a list of these files. They are downloaded only when you start working with these files (open, rename, etc.).

Elastic drive option saves free space on your hard drive and makes synchronization faster.

Synchronization features

When you upload a file to your Bitrix24 account, it is automatically added to the local folder on your computer due to Bitrix24.Drive synchronization.

If some of your colleagues have disabled Drive in the settings of the Bitrix24 app or performed "Full synchronization" and some files were deleted in the shared folder by other colleagues during the lack of synchronization, then a full snapshot of the drive without deleted files will be requested when connecting. In this case, previously deleted files will be uploaded to Bitrix24.Drive, so other colleagues will be able to see them.

If an employee was on a synchronization pause or there was no network connection, a partial snapshot of the drive will be received after the pause. It will contain a log of the unwanted files deletion. Previously deleted files will not be restored.

What will happen if I disable synchronization and delete files?

  • If you disable synchronization and delete some files in Bitrix24.Drive, these files will be uploaded to Bitrix24 again after re-connecting your Drive.
  • If you disable synchronization and delete some files from your computer, these files will be downloaded to your local folder again after re-connecting your Drive.
  • If you disable synchronization and delete same files both in Bitrix24.Drive and the local folder, nothing will change after re-connecting your Drive. These files will not be restored.

How to disable synchronization

To disable synchronization, click the "cloud" button in the Bitrix24 desktop app menu. In the popup window click the three dots button in the top right corner to see more actions and select Bitrix24.Drive settings.

Click Disconnect Bitrix24.Drive.

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