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Bitrix24 Drive synchronization

By default Bitrix24 "My Drive" is synchronized with "Bitrix24" folder on your computer. If you need "Company Drive" files or\and folders to be synchronized as well, you will need to connect them to "My Drive" first: open Company Drive, choose file\folder and click the option "Connect to Drive".

You can synchronize Bitrix24 Drive with your computer and work with your files anytime you need to. When you edit files on your computer, all the changes are automatically applied to files stored on your Bitrix24 Drive.

How to enable synchronization

You need to have the latest version of Bitrix24 Desktop app installed.

Click the "cloud" button in Bitrix24 desktop app menu.

Then click the cogwheel button > Settings.

Specify Folder where you want your files to be saved.

Select which Action is performed when you click on a file - Open containing folder on click or Open file on click.

Also, you can enable Elastic drive option in this section.

In Synchronization settings tab you can specify folders that will be synchronized with your drive.

Elastic drive

Elastic drive is a special way of synchronization. When this option is enabled, files are not downloaded on your hard drive. On your hard drive, you can view just a list of these files. They are downloaded only when you start working with these files (open, rename, etc.).

Elastic drive option saves free space on your hard drive and makes synchronization faster.

How to disable synchronization

To disable syncronization, click Settings.

Click Disconnect Bitrix24.Drive.

Please note that there is no official Bitrix24 Desktop app for Linux. We don't guarantee the full functionality of unofficial apps.
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