CRM Activities

Click CRM > Activities to view a list of all CRM activities you're involved in.

Here's the list of activities available in Bitrix24 CRM:

  • Task - regular Task in Bitrix24 with "CRM" prefix.
  • E-mail - incoming and outgoing emails.
  • Meeting - meeting with a client.
  • Call - incoming and outgoing calls. You can schedule an outgoing call and get a reminder in the specified time.

There is a search bar at the top of the page. For example, you can view activities scheduled for tomorrow.

Read more about search function in Bitrix24 CRM in the article - Search in Bitrix24 CRM.

If you have appropriate access permissions, you can view CRM activities of other users. Just select a user in the Responsible person field of the filter.

The activities' list contains general information about activities: name, deadline, contact's name, responsible person and the current status.

Read more about list view in Bitrix24 CRM in the article - List view in CRM.

Click on the activity in the list to view details.

You can also switch to the report view.

Actions with activities

You can perform basic actions with activities: open, edit or delete.

You can also perform group actions with activities by selecting several activities.

Adding activities


You can add a new task the same way as usual. The difference is, that the task created in Activities section has a CRM prefix.
Read more about creating tasks in the article - Create a task.


Send email messages to clients by clicking E-mail.
Read more in the article - How to send emails from CRM.


Click Add > Meeting to open the planner. You can select the date and time to schedule a meeting.


Click Add > Call to schedule a call.

By default, Bitrix24 reminds you about the planned call in 15 minutes before the selected time.

Call list

You can create a call list. Bitrix24 automatically dials telephone numbers of the selected clients list. Once the call is answered, the autodialer connects the call to a live person.
Read more in the article - Automatic Dialer.
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