Call details

Employee who has access to call details is given the manager role. Read more in the article.

You can find telephony call details under Telephony > Call details.

Here you can access call statistics (call status, type, duration, connected CRM record, cost, assessment), recordings and logs (details column).

View calls logs

Call logs are technical and statistical data collected for the telephony calls performed at your account.

To open the call log, click the icon under the Details column:

If you don't see the Details column, click the Settings gear button > tick Details and click Apply.

Call logs are technical information about your calls that may be requested by our support team in case you have telephony issues of any kind.

If you get "Not found File" error when attempting to view call logs, this means the logs have been automatically deleted (calls logs are stored for no longer than 1 month by our telephony provider).
Read more about call logs in the article - View call logs.

Filter & Search

You can filter call details by various parameters:

  • Call date
  • Employee
  • Account phone number
  • Phone
  • Call type
  • Status
  • Call recording
  • Call duration
  • Cost
  • CRM (connected CRM record)

Click the search bar to open the filter menu. Use Add Field option to add more fields to the filter widget:

Click the Settings gear button to access Apply for all users option - this option allows to save filter configuration for all account users.

Call recordings

Call recordings are available here as well. Click the Play button to play the recording or Download button to download the recording to your computer.

Read more about call recordings in the article - Record calls.

Export to Excel

You can use Export to Excel option located at the right corner above the call details list to export call details to Excel.

Read more in the article - Export call details.
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