Filters in CRM entity form

Use filters in CRM entity forms to find an event you need or to filter events by the type.

Let's say you work with large companies. Negotiations can last for weeks or even months. At the end, you need to find a document that the client sent you a couple of months ago. Use the filter to find it in a couple of seconds.

How it works

Click Filter in a deal, lead, contact or company form.

Use the search bar to find the desired event by the keyword or a part of it.

Click the search bar to see different filter options.

For example, you can filter events and view documents only.

The selected filter will be still applied when you close the CRM entity form and open it again later.

Click Add field to create your custom filter.

Once you have the fields set, you can save them as a filter. Use it in other entities without further customization. The filter will be displayed in the list of standard filters.

Filters can be edited or deleted. Click on the gear icon and select an action.

You can also pin any filter as a main filter. When you open the element next time, the information according to the pinned filter will be displayed in the timeline.

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