Working with workflows

Click the Workflows button to start working with workflows in Bitrix24. Here you can configure workflows, view completed workflows and ones that are in progress, view your requests, etc.

The Workflows section consists of four tabs.

Workflow Tasks

Here you can view a list of workflows that are waiting for your actions. Red counters are showing the number of such workflows and sections they have been initialized in.

No need to open the Workflows section to check if there are new workflow tasks. There is a counter next to the Workflows button showing the number of workflow tasks.

Double-click a task in the list to view it. Also, you can use filters above the tasks list.

Supervisors can find their subordinates' workflows by specifying an employee's name in the Employee field. If an employee is on vacation, and there is a workflow waiting for his/her action, the supervisor can delegate the task to somebody else.

My requests

You can view all the workflows initialized by you in this section.

You can run a new business process by clicking the corresponding button at the top right corner.

Running Workflows

In this section, you can view the workflows that are currently in progress. If you are an administrator, you can view workflows initialized by all users. A regular user can view only workflows initialized by him/her.

You can apply filters to this list by using the buttons above.

Workflows in Feed

Here you can view the list of workflows in Feed that you have access to and edit them. Administrators can also select workflows that will be shown in Feed.

Also, you can create a new workflow by clicking the corresponding button.

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