Add a knowledge base to a section

There is an Extensions button in some sections. This button allows you to add a new knowledge base to this section.

You can add some typical work scenarios to the knowledge base. For example, how to work with tasks or how to fill out an employee's profile.

Sections where you can add a knowledge base

For example, you can add a knowledge base containing the information about filling out an employee's profile to the profile section.

Or by clicking the profile button > Extensions.

You can add a workgroup/project knowledge base by clicking the corresponding button.

Read more about a workgroup/project knowledge base in the article - Workgroup (project) knowledge base.

You can add a knowledge base containing the information about working with tasks to the Tasks section.

Or about working with automation rules in tasks by clicking Automation rules > Extensions.

Also, you can add knowledge bases about working in CRM to CRM sections.

How to add a new knowledge base

For example, you need to add a knowledge base with information about working with tasks. Go to the Tasks section > click Extensions > Create knowledge base.

Select one of the templates or create a new knowledge base from scratch.

Click New page to add a new page to the knowledge base. Click Add block to add a new block to the page.

The created knowledge base name will be displayed instead of the "Extensions" sign and will be added to the list of knowledge bases created in this section.

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