Stripe integration app

Integrate Stripe payment processor to accept payments from your Bitrix24 account.


Go to the Applications section:
Click Payment systems > Stripe Integration:
Click Install:
Read and agree with the License Agreement, Privacy Policy, and Bitrix24 Marketplace Terms of Service > click Install:
Done! The Stripe Integration app is successfully installed.

Stripe account registration and verification

If you already have an activated Stripe account, skip this step.
Go to the Stripe website and click Start now:
Complete the registration form and click Create account:
Click Verify your email, and you'll be redirected to your email inbox:
Open the message from Stripe > click Verify email address.
Next, you need to activate your account to get access to live API keys.
Click Activate your Stripe account > Start now:
Provide your business address and select a type of business. Click Next.
Specify your full name, email address, date of birth, phone number, home address, and the last four digits of your Social Security number. Click Next.
Select the industry of your business, specify your company website, describe your products or services, and tell Stripe how you charge your clients. Click Next.
Provide information on how you'd deliver products. Click Next:
Provide a statement descriptor, customer support phone number, customer support address, and click Next.
Provide your banking details and click Next.
Select a preferred two-step authentication method and configure it. Click Next.
Confirm the information you've entered to ensure that you’re eligible to be verified. Then click Done.
Now your Stripe account is in the reviewed stage. It may take up to several days to activate the account. Be ready to provide additional information such as your full Social Security number, ID scan, etc. When the process is complete, you will get your live API keys and process the payments.


It's highly recommended to test your setup with sandbox keys first.
To process the actual payments, you will need to verify your Stripe account to get the live API keys.
Copy and paste your Publishable and Secret keys from your Stripe dashboard and click Save.
Done! The integration is successfully configured and is ready for use.

Receive e-invoice payments

Let your clients pay for their invoices using Stripe.

First, get the invoice link:
When a customer follows the link, he/she will have a choice of payment options, and Stripe could be one of them:
After entering personal and payment card details, he/she could proceed with processing the payment:
If everything goes well, he/she will see a success page:

Receive Online Store payments

The payment process in Bitrix24 online stores works the same way.

A client can select Stripe as a payment method when shopping at your online store:

Receive CRM Store payments

Payment systems are key to the CRM store, and Stripe is one of your options for that.

Receive payments right from your Deals:
A customer receives a payment link via SMS:
And could select Stripe as one of the options:

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