Change the responsible person in CRM

There are many possible reasons why you need to change the person responsible for the CRM entity. For example, you have successfully completed a deal and need to transfer the client to the support department.

If the employee responsible for the CRM entity has been dismissed, this process is different. Read more in the article - Change the dismissed responsible person in CRM.

Which CRM entities have a responsible person

In the Bitrix24 CRM, there are persons responsible for leads, deals, contacts, companies, estimates, invoices, and CRM forms.

You can change the person responsible for a specific CRM entity or change it for several CRM entities at once by using the group actions. Group actions are not applicable to the CRM web forms.

To change the person responsible for the CRM entity, you need to update access permission for the corresponding CRM entity. You can read more about access permissions in the article - Access Permissions in CRM.

How to change the responsible person by using the group actions

If you accidentally change the responsible person for a large number of CRM entities, this action cannot be canceled. You will have to find these entities manually and change everything back.

Go to CRM, select the needed tab, and switch to the List view.

Select the needed entities, select Assign responsible person in the group actions menu and specify the new responsible person. Then click Apply.

Change the responsible person for a specific CRM entity

Open the CRM entity form. On the right, you'll see the Responsible person field. Hover over it and click the Change button.

Select a new responsible person. Changes will be saved automatically.

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