Paid Text to Speech convertation option from April 6, 2022

From April 6, 2022, the Text to Speech convertation option becomes payable as decided by the Voximplant company.

In Bitrix24, the text to speech feature is used in IVR telephony voice menu, in Marketing information call actions, automation rules and business processes templates.

You can choose a provider TTS: Default or Amazon.

  • Default – 1 million characters per month are for free, then you need to pay $ 5 per million characters, billing at 10 characters.
  • Amazon – paid provider: $20 per million characters, billing at 10 characters.
The current prices can be found on the Voximplant page in the Text to Speech section.

What to do

You can check which TTS provider you are using:

IVR Voice Menu

Go to the Telephony section, click on the Configure telephony block and select Voice Menu.


Then click Change language, voice and pronunciation and select a voice provider.


Voice broadcasting in Marketing

Go to the Marketing section and select Voice broadcasting.


In the More section of the settings, select Language and Voice.


Information call in CRM automation rule

Go to the CRM section and click Automation rules.


Change the Client communications: Robocall automation rule action and select a voice provider in the Language and voice field in the settings.


Robocall action in Workflows

In the Robocall activity parameters settings, select a voice provider in the Language and voice field.


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