Access permissions: Sale

You can configure the access permissions for the employees to work with sale documents. You can enable the following permissions:

  • View – an employee will be able to view documents. If this access permission is disabled, the employee will see a message that he/she does not have enough rights to view the section.

  • Create and edit – an employee will be able to edit and create new documents. If you disable this access permission, the employee will not be able to edit old documents and the create button will be blocked.

  • Process inventory objects – an employee with this access permission will be able to process documents.

  • Cancel processing – an employee with this access permission will be able to cancel document processing and return the balances of products.

  • Delete inventory object – an employee with this access permission will be able to delete drafts and canceled documents.

Example of access permissions settings

For example, you need to configure access permissions for the CRM manager, who will be able to create sale documents and reflect the current inventory balances.

To do this, enable the View, Create and edit, Process inventory objects access permissions and disable the others.

Also, to create, edit, and proces a sales document, an employee should be given access to contacts and companies sections in the CRM.

Read more information in the article: Access Permissions in CRM.

After that, the employee can create and process sale documents.

When working with the document, access permissions to specific warehouses are taken into account. If you have given an employee access permission to one particular warehouse, he/she will only be able to work with documents from this warehouse.

Read more information in the article: Access permission: View and select warehouses.

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