View Reports access permission in the Inventory management

We have added the access permission to view reports in the Inventory management. Now you can select employees who will see the number of items that are left in each warehouse or monitor the movement of products.

You can give access permissions only to certain employees, who will see the balances and order products from vendors. This way you can better control the warehouse and prevent leakage of inventory information.

How to set up the access permission to view reports

Go to the Inventory management section - Settings - Access permissions.

Create a role for the employee who will work with reports and add the View Reports access permission.

Select the reports you want to give access to.

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Then configure the View and select warehouses access permission. If you do not configure this access permission, the employee will not be able to see detailed information on warehouses, only total sum of money for product balances.

Read more information in the article: Access permission: View and select warehouses.

After saving the settings, the employee will have a report and can control the balance and order new products.

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