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Inventory management access permissions

If you have an Inventory management enabled, you can configure access permissions to its sections and access to Inventory management documents. Determine which documents your employees will work with.

If you have Inventory management disabled, the access permission settings will be hidden.

Configure access permission roles

Go to the CRM section - Inventory tab - Inventory managementSettingsAccess permissions.

By default, there are three roles:

  1. Online store administrator – this role includes more access permissions than another two roles. The employee can cancel processing, configure the product catalogue, change prices and so on.
  2. Online store staff – this role is suitable for employees working with clients and orders in CRM.
  3. Responsible for purchases – this role is intended for warehouse employees. These employees do not work with CRM and may not have access permissions to other sections except for the Inventory management.

You can use the default roles and edit them or add new ones.

It is not possible to work with the Inventory management without the product catalog. Make sure that employees have the access permissions to view the catalog and other necessary rights to work with the products.

Access permission sections

All access permissions are divided into several blocks:

  • Product catalog
  • Inventory Management
  • Stock receipt
  • Stock adjustment
  • Stock transfer
  • Write-off
  • Sale
  • Reserve product
  • Product catalog options
  • Settings

Inventory management

  • View Inventory Management area
  • An employee will be able to enter a section where he/she will see a list of those documents to which he/she has access. Access permissions to all types of documents are set up separately.

    Access permission: View Inventory Management area

  • Create, edit and delete warehouses
  • The access permission allows you to create a warehouse and edit its parameters. An employee can create the warehouse when working with the document as well as in a separate section.

  • View and select warehouses
  • The employee will be able to view the amount of products in stock and choose a warehouse when filling out documents, receiving or writing off products.

    Access permission: View and select warehouses

  • Modify inventory object view form (add or delete fields)
  • The employee will be able to change, add and delete any fields in the form, as well as apply changes to all employees.

    Access permission: Modify inventory object view form

Inventory management documents

With the access permissions you can control the following documents:

Reserve product

An employee will be able to reserve the product for the customer inside the deal form, as well as set the period and other reservation parameters for everyone who works with warehouses.

Access permission: Reserve product


You can configure access permissions to the settings of employee access permissions and different sections.

Access permission: Access permissions: Settings

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