Activities view in Deals and Leads

We have added a new option for viewing and sorting deals and leads - the Activities view. Deals and leads are automatically distributed to stages depending on the deadline for activities within an entity. If the deadline for an activity is next week, the deal will be in the Next week column. Thus, the view allows you to understand what work should be done today or during the week.

Activities view is available only in deals and leads.

Let's say that every Monday you hold a meeting where you discuss the plan for the week. Thanks to this view, you will know exactly how many activities you have and which clients are. Also, the focus is always on the deals that need to be done in the near future: deals with overdue activities, activities for today, deals with messages from the client.

Incoming communication like a call or a chat message has no due date. Deals with incoming activities are gathered in the Today column.

The Activities view consists of six columns: Overdue, Today, This week, Next week, Without activities, Over two weeks.

This view is not editable. You cannot delete columns, create new ones, or swap them.

How to create a deal

In this view, you can create a quick deal with an activity. There is a + button under each column. Click on it to create a deal. If you create a deal in the Today, This Week, Next Week, Over Two Weeks stages, an activity will be created with a deal.

If you create a deal in the Overdue and Without activities columns, no activities will be created in the deal. Therefore, the deal will be moved from the Overdue to the Without activities column.

Let's say your company is in the business of diagnosing and repairing equipment. A customer comes to you with a broken phone. Previously, you would create a deal, set a reminder to call the client to discuss the repair plan. Now you can create a deal in the Today stage, and the system will automatically add an activity with a deadline. The deadline is the end of the work day.

You can check the schedule in the Settings in the left menu.

When you create a quick deal, the activity is created already pre-filled.

You can also add a deal in the standard way, through the Create button. It will be in the column that corresponds to the term of the activity within the deal.

Which column will contain the deal

  • If there is an incoming activity in the deal, the deal will be in the column today, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow until the activity is completed or it is overdue.

  • If there are several scheduled activities in the deal, here we are guided by the deadline of the activity that needs to be done faster than the others.

    For example, if there are activities for the next week and one is already overdue, the deal will be in the Overdue column.

  • If you have two activities in a deal: planned and incoming, the incoming one will have priority. The deal will be in the Today column.

  • If there are incoming and overdue activities, the deal will be in the Overdue column.

The deal form can be dragged to other columns. At the same time, the CRM system evaluates if there are activities inside the deal and what they are.

What is the deadline set for the activity, when dragging a deal to other columns

  • You cannot drag and drop into the Overdue and Without activities columns.

  • Dragging and dropping into the other columns will create an activity in the deal, provided that there are no activities with a deadline. The deadline in the new created activity will be set according to the column name.

  • If a dragged deal has a scheduled activity, the deadline in it will be changed according to the column name.

  • If there are several scheduled activities in a dragged deal, only the one with the closest deadline will be changed according to the column name.

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