Custom fields in Warehouses

In Bitrix24, you can create custom fields in the warehouse detailed form. Provide additional information about your warehouses according to the needs of your business.

Suppose you are the owner of a clothing store chain. Your warehouse is divided into three large zones: receiving and shipping goods, sorting, and storage. You may need to introduce the specifics of work in the large warehouse to new employees. Create a special custom field in the warehouse detailed form and attach a file with the warehouse rules and regulations to it.

How to create a custom field

Navigate to Inventory management > More > Warehouses.

Open the warehouse detailed form and click Create field.

This process is no different from creating fields in deals, contacts, invoices, and smart processes. Read more about creating fields in the articles:

Alternatively, you can open the custom fields settings by clicking the gear button at the top right corner of the Warehouses page.

Let's consider an example of creating a field to which you can add a file with rules and regulations. Click Create at the top right corner.

Select the data type you want to write to the field. In our example, we choose the File type.

Data types in fields

  • Bind to employee - in this field, you can select an employee of your company.

  • Money - you can specify a number and currency in this field.

  • Bind to CRM item - in this field, you can specify a company or a contact from CRM.

  • String - it is a regular text field.

  • Integer/Number - the type of fields for numbers.

  • Date and Date/Time - in this type of field, you can specify, for example, the date and time of receipt of goods in a warehouse.

  • True/False - in this type of field, you can specify, for example, whether you provide the delivery of goods from the warehouse to stores.

  • Address - in a field of this type, you can specify the address of the warehouse.

  • Link - in a field of this type, you can give a link, for example, to the supplier's site.

  • File - in this type of field, you can upload, for example, an instruction that explains how the warehouse works.

  • List - it is a list of multiple values.

  • Bind to information block sections/elements - in a field of this type, you can bind the element, for example, to a division or a specific workflow.

Configure the other options in the field form:

  • Name - It is displayed in the document form and on the list of fields.

  • Sort - It determines the position of the field in the list. The smaller the number, the closer to the top of the list the field is placed.

  • Multiple - This option means that several values can be written in the field at once. For example, phone numbers or addresses.

  • Required - This option means that employees will not be able to save the warehouse detailed form if this field is empty.

  • Show in filter - This option means that you can filter items by value in this field, or just display it in a list.

  • Searchable - This option means that the field will be indexed for general search.

In the All Languages and More tabs, you can configure additional settings, like input field size, default field values, etc.

Save the settings, and a File type field will appear in the warehouse detailed form. You can upload your file with rules and regulations for employees.

How to edit and delete a custom field

Go to Inventory management > More > Warehouses. Click the gear button at the top right corner and select Custom fields settings.

To open the field settings, click on its name or ID.

On the next page, apply the required changes of settings.

Note that the data type and ID of the field cannot be changed.

Here you can also delete the field if necessary. Just click the Delete button in the lower right corner of the slider page.

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